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Old 08-30-2017, 12:23 PM
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Default Time to restructure the AFC

In the interests of competition, is it time to restructure the AFC Divisions? We already know that the Patriots have won the AFC East for the next few seasons and will likely get a free pass to home field advantage via their extra 6 training games against the weak Bills, Dolphins and Jets.

Meanwhile Pittsburgh have to battle Baltimore and Cincinnati and Denver have to fight off THREE credible divisional rivals. It is unfair on these teams that they have to climb a mountain to get home field while the Pats saunter onto a molehill.

If, say, Baltimore and Buffalo swapped Divisions the AFC would be a lot more interesting.
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Old 09-17-2017, 10:48 PM
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Not sure that would help. Looked up 2016 results. Patriots lost 2 games. One was to Buffalo - the team you want to move out.

In 2015 they lost 4 games. 2 of the losses were to Dolphins and Bills.

Baltimore used to be a top tier team but Ray Lewis isn't coming back. Besides, if the division gets beefed up by moving only one team, say Buffalo, what will that do to the fins and jets? All you would accomplish is help Baltimore make the wildcard and further depress the remaining two teams.

The real problem is that there are very few teams you can expect to be strong almost every year...In the AFC that pretty much reads: Steelers, Broncos and Patriots.

Although Oakland is on the upswing they have been a doormat for decades (bad ownership and management - the Jets of the West).

Indy was supposed to be top tier, but they could be sad for years to come if Andrew Luck is always dinged up.

Roger couldn't even kill the Patriots. Don't worry, I hear #12 won't play more than another 7 to 10 years and Bill will be in a nursing home by then. Hang in there.
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